About Jr. Academy

About Jr. Academy

Junior Academy Soccer is for players in the age groups from U9-U12

 Jr. Academy Philosophy

 Florence Soccer Association's (FSA) Junior Academy Program is designed to develop young soccer players through the early stages of their soccer careers and give them all of the tools necessary to build the foundation for their future success on and off the soccer field. FSA Jr. Academy philosophy places a higher priority on individual player development over winning/losing games.

The Directors and Staff firmly believe that long-term success is a by-product of proper development of players. We strive to win games but not at the expense of player development.

At the Jr. Academy level, technical development should and will be our main focus along with the physical, mental, and social development of our kids. We believe it is necessary for our younger players to begin to understand about position responsibilities and roles on the field during matches. We will introduce players to different formations, team shape and organization, and we will encourage our players to play and perform at all positions.

For all these reasons, we stand behind the idea of player development hoping that when our players move on from our Jr. Academy Program, they will have more chances to succeed than to fail at the next level.

Our aim is to prepare today for tomorrow. We believe that the collective strength of any team or club is only as good as the individual competency of its players. Our focus therefore, is to create environments that allow for the greatest number of players the opportunity to express themselves and develop to the best of their abilities.

Jr. Academy Program

Jr. Academy Program is the normal progression for the recreational players that are serious about the game and ready for the next level of competition.

Each team will have a professionally licensed coach and will train at least twice a week. Games usually take place during the weekends, and teams participate in the United Development League (UDL), and appropriate tournaments. Visit UDL and http://www.scysa.org/ for more information.

The player pool system will allow for an increase in the number of players in the Jr. Academy which in turn will lead to a deeper player pool for the Select program and a player population that has a better understanding and knowledge of the 4 pillars of soccer: technical, tactical, mental and physical.

For more information contact the FSA admin at admin@flosoccer.org.

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